Having been alarmed about the direction of US policy since the 2016 election, I have printed posters and participated in many protests and mailing initiatives over the past four years. When 2020 rolled around I resolved to print a poster a month advocating for a change in leadership in Washington DC. Little did I know what a disastrous year would unfold. My posters chronicle the gradual undermining of our country’s principles and society.
January – Truth to Twitter
February – Corrupt People
March – Burn the Flag
April – Buy Stamps
May – Not Voting
June – Freakin’ Mask
July – Those Women
August – Return to Reason

On this Primary Day in Massachusetts I’m offering these posters as postcards. They are available for mass mailings at a discount and part of the proceeds will fund the Democratic candidates. This year is the 100th Anniversary of the signing of the 19th Amendment into law. Please don’t take this hard won right for granted. Make sure to vote by mail or in person this fall. Postcards and posters are available in the shop.